Criminal Press Releases – 2019

12/20Andrew K. EcklundOHFalsifying lab resultsTSCAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[1]12/18Seattle Barrel and Cooperage Co.
Louie Sanft
John SanftWAIllegally dumping caustic waste into the King County, WA sewer systemCWAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[2]12/16Sea Harvest Inc
Fishing Vessel Enterprises IncNEKnowing and negligent discharges of oily bilge wasteCWAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[3]12/6Lawrence D. RutledgeILIllegal storage of hazardous wasteTSCASentencingDOJ Press Release[4]12/2Arthur WolfeKSFalsifying a water quality reportCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[5]11/25John LeeGAPerjury, Obstruction of Justice – Related to Hyundai Clean Air Act violationsCAAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[6]11/21MonsantoHIIllegal use of a banned pesticideRCRAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[7]11/20Martin FieldsCOConspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to commit money laundering, making false claims against the United States, and money laundering – Related to creating a fake renewable fuels companyCAATrialDOJ Press Release[8]11/19Collegiate Entrepreneurs, Inc.CTFalsifying Records, TSCA Violations – Related to lead based paint workTSCASentencingDOJ Press Release[9]11/18MGP Products, Inc.KSClean Air Act violation – Related to chlorine gas cloud formation/release affecting citizens and first respondersCAAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[10]11/6Electro-Plating Services Inc (EPS)MIIllegal storage of hazardous wastes resulting in a $1.5M Superfund cleanup costRCRASentencingDOJ Press Release[11]10/22Chandra Yarlagadda (Alpha Bioenergy LLC)MIFiling a false income tax return – overstated expenses associated with the purchase of renewable energy credits (RINs Fraud)CAAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[12]10/10Marlene FaltemierCAIllegal/Improper storage of Hazardous – related to explosion in Santa Paula, CaliforniaTSCASentencingCounty DA Press Release[13]10/3Michael GreeneSCIllegally dumping hazardous waste into Leesburg Branch Creek on multiple ocassionsCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[14]10/3Max HurstMTClean Air Act Negligent Endangerment – related to explosion in Wibaux, MontanaCAASentencingDOJ Press Release[15]10/2Gary HallinanNYClean Water Act Violation – Negligently discharging wastewater from the City of Oswego Wastewater Treatment Plant into Lake OntarioCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[16]9/30Vikas JainPAKnowingly violating workplace standards of the Clean Air ActCAAInformationDOJ Press Release[17]9/27Peter Margiotta (Custom Carbon Processing, Inc.)MTClean Air Act Violations – related to explosion at oil processing plant in Wibaux, MTCAATrialDOJ Press Release[18]9/26Crete Core Incredients LLCNEClean Water Act Violations – related to wastewater discharge permit violationsCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[19]9/24Emanuele Palma (Fiat)MITitle 18, Clean Air Act Violations – related to making false and misleading statements about the emissions control software used in more than 100,000 FCA diesel vehiclesTitle 18, CAAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[20]9/23Bobby Babak Khalili
 NVFailing to remediate and remove asbestos before renovating an apartment complexCAAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[21]9/18Anthony GrayOHConspiracy to Defraud the United States – rellated to improperly operating an incineratorTitle 18IndictmentDOJ Press Release[22]9/16Arthur WolfeKSMaking a false statement to the Kansas Department of Healthand EnvironmentTitle 18Plea AgreementDOJ Press Release[23]9/12Lloyd RoblWIWire Fraud and Clean Air Act Violation – related to falsifying asbestos abatement qualifications and illegal and improper asbestos removalTitle 18, CAASentencingDOJ Press Release[24]9/12Jaron ColemanGAUnauthorized Discharge of Oil in the Waters of the United States – discharging 3000 gallons of diesel fuel into a creek leading to the Ochlockonee RiverCWAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[25]9/6Kenneth MorrisonINInterstate Transportation of Stolen Property – related to stealing Monon BridgeTitle 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[26]8/28C&J Well Services
Nabors Completion and Production ServicesNDWillful violation of the standard requiring tank cleaning before welding (resulting in explosion and the death of worker Dustin Payne)OSHA violationPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[27]8/26Ionian Shipping and Trading Corp, Lily Shipping Ltd, Stamatios Alekidis, Athanasios Pittas, Rey EspulgarUSVIPollution, recordkeeping and obstruction of justice crimes – related to operation of the Motor Tanker Ocean PrincessTitle 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[28]8/23Santa Clara Waste Water Company
Green Compass Environmental SolutionsCAIllegal and improper storage and treatment of hazardout waste and chemicals resulting in an explosion and injury to employees and first respondersTSCASentencingVC DA Press Release[29]8/21Brian MellottPADisabling emissions control devices in commercial motor vehiclesCAA
FMSCAPlea AgreementDOT Press Release[30]8/16Andrew ManganasPATheft, fraud and discharge of pollutants into the Susquehanna RiverTitle 18
CWASentencingDOJ Press Release[31]8/16Tower & Son Exterminating Corp
Wilson Javier Torres-RiveraPRKnowingly applying a restricted-use pesticide not in accordance with labeling at multiple locationsFIFRAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[32]8/14Aleks RakajCTIllegal and improper asbestos removalCAASentencingDOJ Press Release[33]8/5Timothy PeerWVDischarging untreated sewage from sewage treatment plant in violation of permitsCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[34]8/5Robert La Rue WebbORNegligently discharging harmful quantities of oil into a water of the U.S.CWAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[35]7/30Thomas S. FritzelKSIllegal and improper asbestos removal and disposalCAATrialDOJ Press Release[36]7/24Forrest Sewer Pump Service, IncVAIllegally discharging pollutants into unauthorized manholes and pump stationsCWAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[37]7/11American Biodiesel, Inc.CAUnpermitted discharge of industrial wastewater into city sewer system; tampering with monitoring devicesCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[38]7/9Tracey Jordan SellersFLMaking a false statement – related to conflict of interest for employment in conflict with official dutyTitle 18Plea AgreementNot Yet Available Online6/25Carlos CondeGAWashing carburetor fluid into a tributary of the Chatahoochee River, resulting in a wildlife killCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[39]6/20Mohammad SikderDCFailure to follow lead-safe work practices and lead disclosure requirements – related to a property renovationTSCAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[40]6/11Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, Inc.CAIllegally transporting over 64 tons of hazardous, lead-contaminated plastic battery chipsTSCASentencingDOJ Press Release[41]6/11Bonefish Holdings, LLCFLIllegally filling federally regulated wetlandsCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[42]6/10Hector M. Garza
Tammy L. Garza
HTG Trucking, LLC
Freedom Fuel, Inc.WAFraud and false statements related to the Gen-X renewable energy fraud schemeTitle 18Plea AgreementDOJ Press Release[43]6/6Green Compass Environmental Solutions, LLCCAIllegal/improper storage of hazardous chemicals leading to explosionTSCAPlea AgreementDA Press Release[44]5/23Gary HallinanNYNegligently discharging wastewater from the City of Oswego wastewater treatment plant into Lake OntarioCWAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[45]5/23Brannon FinneyAKUnlawful discharge of a pollutant – dumping 8 tons of sandbag waste overboard into Sumner StraitCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[46]5/23Aleks RakajCTIllegal asbestos removalCAAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[47]5/22IAV GmbHMIConspiracy to defraud the United States re Volkswagen emissions defeat devicesCAASentencingDOJ Press Release[48]5/3Avin International LTD
Nicos I.V. Special Maritime EnterprisesTXIllegally discharging oil into Texas port watersCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[49]5/1David M. Dunham Jr.PAConspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, filing false tax documents, obstruction of justice (RINs fraud)Title 18TrialDOJ Press Release[50]4/24Ben T. Wooton
Race A. Miner
Keystone BiofuelsPATax and False Statements  conspiracy related to RINs fraudTitle 18TrialDOJ Press Release[51]4/23Craig Lorch
Jeff Zirkle
(Total Reclaim)WAWire Fraud related to unsafe electronic waste recyclingTitle 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[52]4/18Terry L. ZintelMOTax Fraud related to renewable energy claims (RINs fraud)Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[53]4/12Brian BrundageILWire Fraud and Tax Evasion – related to illegally landfilling potentially hazardous electronic wasteTitle 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[54]4/11Diamond (3 Companies)
Arie Eric De Jong III
Warren Van Dam
Jorge Leyva RodriguezCAConspiring to manipulate the electronic control module on Diamond’s fleet of heavy diesel trucksTitle 18, CAAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[55]4/3Timothy PeerWVDischarging untreated sewage into the North Branch of the Potomac RiverCWAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[56]4/1Rezart RakajCTIllegal asbestos removalCAASentencingDOJ Press Release[57]3/22Luminaire Environmental Technologies
John D. Miller
Joseph MillerMNFraud Scheme related  to improper disposal of toxic wasteTSCASentencingDOJ Press Release[58]3/6Midwest Grain Products, Inc.
Harcos Chemicals, Inc.KSSulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite release causing hospitalization/treatment of over 140 peopleTSCAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[59]2/25James Phillip LuceroCAIllegal discharge of pollutants into waters of the United States and Unpermitted Filling of Wetlands and Tributaries – related to dumping 1800 truckloads of construction debris and fill material on private property containing federally protected wetlandsCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[60]2/14Gary Alfred Sayers
Electro-Plating Services Inc.MIIllegally storing hazardous wasteRCRAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[61]2/13Steven WeaverIAIllegal and improper asbestos removalCAASentencingDOJ Press Release[62]2/7Fuel Bio One LLCNJDischarging 45,000 gallons of wastewater from commercial biodiesel fuel production facility into the Arthur Kill WaterwayCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[63]2/1Pittsburgh Water and Sewer AuthorityPASafe Drinking Water Act Violations- related to failing to notify residents and failure to conduct testing when lead water lines were replacedCWAIndictmentPA AG Press Release[64]1/30Ahmed El-SherifKSIllegally storing hazardous wasteRCRASentencingDOJ Press Release[65]1/29Mark HarrisOHKnowingly failing to remove asbestosCAAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[66]1/28 Richard Bauder
Axel Eiser
Stefan Knirsh
Carsten Nagel

MIConspiracy to defraud U.S. regulators and customers – related to development and use of software designed to cheat emissions tests CAAIndictmentDOJ Press Release[67]1/28Jose Rivera (Terminix)VIIllegally applying fumigants containing methyl bromide in multiple residential locationsFIFRASentencingDOJ Press Release[68]1/24Tier Environmental LLCOHRecklessly violating a hazardous waste permitState/LocalSentencingOH AG Press Release[69]1/22Amin M. Salem
Mohamed Salem
Zaharan al-QadanOHIllegally discharging waste from an animal slaughtering operation into a local stream; EBT card fraud, illegal weapons posession, illegal slaughter and sale of meats CWA
Title 18

IndictmentDOJ Press Release[70]1/16Mike BlankenshipWVClean Water Act Violations – dumping untreated sewage into Little Huff CreekCWASentencingDOJ Press Release[71]


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