Criminal Press Releases – 2016

12/2 Jeffrey Wilson
Craig Ducey
Chad Ducey

  • RINs Fraud – fraudently selling biofuel credits, sham manufacturing
  • Securities Fraud – defrauding investors; lying to the SEC; lying to investigators and external auditors
Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release12/2Timothy J. SmithKYClean Air Act Violation – Unsafe asbestos removal, including unprotected workers during asbestos demolition and repeated disregard for inspector’s warningsAirSentencingDOJ Press Release[1]11/30Kevin P. Mason Builder, LLC (Mason)
Jennifer Ashlee DavisFLRivers and Harbors Act Violation – Building structures in navigable waters of the U.S. without authorization (without Federal permits)Rivers and Harbors ActSentencingDOJ Press Release[2]11/8Thomas Dovanzo
Robert FedynaFL
  • RINs Fraud – fraudently selling biofuel credits
  • Fraudently claiming tax credits
  • Laundering proceeds through shell companies  
Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[3]10/12 KTX Limited
KTX Properties, Inc.
Crosby LP
Ramsey Properties LP

  • Clean Air Act Violations – Negligently releasing hazardous air pollutants (resulting from an explosion which caused severe injuries and death)
AirPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[4]10/12James TodtOH
  • Improper lead based paint abatement
  • Taking Bribes
  • Steering Contracts
WasteSentencingDOJ Press Release[5]9/29Theodore Nelson Jr. (AKA Ted Nelson)SD
  • Unlawful Taking of Bald Eagle
  • Unlawful Use of Pesticide (purposeful misaplication of a restricted use pesticide (carbofuran) resulting in death of wildlife, including coyotes and a bald eagle)
PesticideSentencingDOJ Press Release[6]9/26PLH, LLCNH
  • Failure to lawfully manage regulated waste
  • Improper maintenance of CRT Waste (Buried CRT monitors without permit)
WasteSentencingDOJ AG Press Release9/16Chem-Solve Inc.VA
  • Illegally storing and transporting hazardous waste
WasteSentencingDOJ Press Release[7]9/7James PowersDC
  • Clean Air Act Violation – Improperly removing asbestos from a historic building in the District of Columbia
AirGuilty PleaDOJ  Press Release[8]8/16Andrew ThompsonNY
  • Clean Water Act Violation – Dumping sewage into Chataqua Creek


SentencingDOJ Press Release[9]8/12Timothy HowardSC
  • Clean Water Act Violation – illegally dumping waste into sewage systems 
  • Making False Statements – omitted over 85% of his septage handling activities, thereby obstructing the investigation
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[10]8/11Yousef Ishaq AbuteirTX EPA FUGITIVE

Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[11]8/10Merlando CorlisFL
  • Unlawfully discharging sewage into a stream
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[12]8/10Paul WalkerINAirSentencingDOJ Press Release[13]7/20Joseph David RobertsonMT
  •  Clean Water Act Violation – Unauthorized discharge of pollutants into waters of the United States and injury or depredation of United States property
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[14]7/15Theodore Nelson, Jr. aka Ted NelsonSD
  • Unlawful Use of Pesticide
  • Unlawful Taking of a Bald Eagle
PesticidesConvictionDOJ Press Release[15]7/13Cheery Way, Inc
Elaine ChiuCA
  • Clean Air Act Violation – Unsafe asbestos demolition
AirSentencingDOJ Press Release[16]7/13David L. FrisbyMS
  • Fraud – …”he and his co-conspirators falsely held themselves out to be representatives of a scrap metal recycling firm that was authorized by the EPA to dispose of metal waste by shipping it to Korea”
Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[17]6/24Thomas Davanzo
Robert FedynaFL
  • Biodeisel Fraud (RINS Fraud); money laundering
Title 18Guilty PleaDOJ Press Release[18]6/15Randy LessIA
  • Clean Water Act Violation – knowing discharged ethanol into an unnamed tributary of the Maquoketa River without a permit
WaterGuilty PleaDOJ Press Release[19]6/14Donald HercherOH
  • Clean Water Act Violation – illegally discharging approximately 50 gallons of oily brine water per week into ditch leading to Ohio River
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[20]6/8Southco Enterprises
James AlexanderTX
  • Treating, storing or disposing of hazardous waste without a permit
WasteSentencingDOJ Press Release[21]4/8DSD ShippingAL
  • Violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS); obstructing justice; witness tampering; conspiracy
Water, Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[22]3/30Berkshire Power PlantMA
  • Clean Air Act Violations – emissions tampering “tampered with its air pollution monitoring equipment and falsely reported data to environmental regulators”
AIRPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[23]3/29 Terminix International Company LP (TERMINIX LP)
Terminix International (TERMINIX USVI)

 FIFRAPlea AgreementDOJ Press Release[24]3/28Joseph L. CapanoDE
  • Clean Water Act Violation – discharged pollutants into a wetland without a permit; Bank Fraud
Water, Title 18Guilty PleaDOJ Press Release[25]3/15Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG
Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG MS “Extum”FL
  • Vioilating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS); witness tampering
Water, Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[26]3/7Philip Joseph Rivkin aka Felipe Poitan ArriagaTX
  • Biodiesel Fraud (RINS Fraud); mail fraud; making a false statement
Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[27]2/19Southern Grease CompanyTN
  • Clean Water Act Violation – illegal disposal of waste grease into municipal sewer systems
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[28]2/8William E. Tis (Former Manager at Freedom Industries)WV
  • Clean Water Act Violation – unlawfully discharging refuse matter
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[29]2/4Freedom Industries, Inc.; Michael BurdetteWV
  • Clean Water Act Violation – negligently discharging a pollutant, unlawfully discharging refuse matter, and knowingly violating an environmental permit
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[30]2/2Charles E. Herzing (Former Owner of Freedom Industries)WV
  • Clean Water Act Violation – unlawfully discharging refuse matter
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[31]2/2The Rooter Guy, LLC; Ben BroylesID
  • Clean Water Act Violation – “…pumping septic waste into the City of Hayden’s municipal sewer system”
WaterSentencingDOJ Press Release[32]1/8Joseph FurandoNJ
  • Biodiesel Fraud, aka RINs Fraud
Title 18SentencingDOJ Press Release[33]


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